Workshops and Events for Healthy Communities

Our communities are designed to inspire healthy and active lifestyles – bringing opportunities for residents to make new connections and create lifelong friendships.


This is why we’re introducing the Brookfield Healthy Communities series. We hope to support residents’ well-being and create connections within the communities.


See below for 2022 workshops! We will be updating these regularly, so be sure to check back in throughout 2023 to discover how we’re hoping to grow healthy communities.



Workshops and Events 2022

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Bully Proof Kids

Join us for a two-week virtual workshop focused on building pro-social skills and confidence at school and at home!


Classes are facilitated by a teacher and anti-bullying Expert.

homeowners maintenance classes (2)

DIY Training Centre 

Homeowner Maintenance Classes  

  • Drywall repairs 
  • Door repairs 
  • Calking and grout fixing
  • Basic Plumbing repairs 
  • Mounting and hanging on walls 

DIY Training Centre

Handy Kids

  • Power tool instruction
  • Drywall repairs 
  • Mounting and Hanging on walls 
homeowners maintenance classes (2)